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Welcome to the documentation for the Kullna Editor!

The Kullna Editor is a small but feature-rich code editor for the web. It is designed to be simple to use, but also powerful enough to be used in a wide variety of projects. It accomplishes this flexibility by providing a simple API designed to be composable and extensible.

This package contains the editor interface KullnaEditor, as well as the Options interface, which is used to configure the editor via the createEditor function. If you haven't integrated the editor into your project yet, see the Quick Start for more information.

Extending the Editor

The editor has several primary extension points.

  1. KullnaEditor Events:
  2. Gutters Management:
  3. Processors:

With these extension points, you can customize the way the editor handles input and what it does when the text changes. You can also customize the gutter to your needs, including adding tap-targets or icons for breakpoints.





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